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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass


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The facade is a subject of special concern in the architectural design as it is the only part of the building that is perceived from the outside. It’s often the only recourse available to express or describe the construction.

Thanks to the Vidurglass glass, facades, large and small, are spaces that may be customized and decorated. Straight lines, colors mixing, textural effects, everything is possible. Our experience and versatility allow us to shape your ideas.

Any Vidurglass product can be used in this type of application: low emissive glass, stained glass, etc.. We can also use Vidursolar photovoltaic facade glass for architectural integration, which is conceived as a building element, i.e. serving as an envelope or covering of a building in terms of robustness, security, thermal, etc. (and so replacing the classical elements of construction such as concrete) while generating electricity.

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