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Low-e glass

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The low-e glass or 'low-e ", is a glass used in order to achieve a reduction in heat loss from inside the room or cabin. It consists in applying to one side a low emissivity coating that allows much of the shortwave solar radiation from the sun to pass through the glass, while reflecting most of the longwave radiation produced by, among other sources , heating systems, thus keeping heat inside the rooms. It is recommended for cold areas where it is necessary to maximize the heat generated in the interior and the exterior from the sun and get the maximum use of natural light. One of its main applications is the glass house where, in most cases, colorless transparent glass is used. When used in double glazed units it consist of a hermetic outer solar control glass, colored or reflective, which also improves solar control performance by approximately 15%. The low-emissivity coated face of this kind of glass must always be exposed facing the air chamber of a double-tight glass.

  • The K value of heat transfer units with an air gap of 12 mm wide, with normal glass, is 2.8 W/m2K and Low E glass K = 1.8 W/m2K.
  • Used exclusively as interior double glazed Waterproof glass it improves a 35% the ability to insulate.
  • Also contributes to reducing the load of solar radiation entering through the hermetic double glass.
  • In case of tempered low-e glass it keeps the same features as tempered glass (see more on tempered glass) without low-E treatment affecting its properties.
  • In case low-e glass is laminated, it maintains the same characteristics as laminated glass (see more on laminated glass) without low-E treatment affecting their properties.

Vidurglass offers countless opportunities for low-emissivity glass, thus adapting to the technical requirements for each project.

Please contact Vidurglass for the best composition in each case.

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