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Curtain walls

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  • Description

  • Technical characteristics

Vidursolar glass-glass PV modules are perfectly suitable for fitting as curtain wall as they meet all the requirements for façades of this kind in conventional construction. As a result of the thermal behaviour requirements of the buildings set out in the new Spanish Building Code (CTE), in many cases insulating glass PV will be used, which offer exceptional U values.

These PV glasses also allow interesting possibilities for interior design by the selective natural light transmission  through the space between the PV cells. Special finishes of the modules can add colour effects, among others. Apart from electricity generation this multi-functional PV construction element offers solar shading reducing the thermal load of a building. The huge number of possibilities for manufacturing tailor-made glass-glass PV modules allow the architect to play with a wide range of façade design options. With almost black mono-crystalline cells a uniform and serene elegance and appearance is achieved, while sparkling blue poly-crystalline cells give a more lively and outstanding appearance, easily visible from a distance. Poly-crystalline cells are also available in various colours, thus allowing greater flexibility in the creative design of the façade.

  • Shapes: Any geometric form is possible to be produced (rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal or special irregular shapes).
  • Size and thickness: Our photovoltaic glass modules are produced with size and thickness in order to suit any architectural specification for any individual project. Sizes up to 3.000 mm x 1.600 mm and up to 17,5 mm thickness are standard. Bigger sizes and thicknesses to be consulted.
  • Double glazing: Photovoltaic double glazing units with insulation chambers of different sizes can be produced, with U-values down to 1,1 W/m2K.
  • Coloured glass: A big variety of coloured glass finishes are available, directly applied to the rear glass or translucent with a coloured PVB-film interlayer.
  • Type of photovoltaic cells: We have different technologies with different aesthetical finishes available. It is possible to choose among, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, also in a broad range of colours, but also perforated cells. On the other hand thin-film cells are available as opaque or semitransparent elements (10% or 20% or transparency).
  • Transparency: The distance between photovoltaic cells is variable according to the degree of natural light transmission or solar protection required in each project.
  • Electrical connections: Different electrical connection systems can be applied according to the specific project requirements, from junction boxes on the rear glass to edge terminals to be hidden in the support structure.
  • Mechanical glass processing: Realisation of drillings, etc. for example necessary for point fixing of the PV glass modules. Also other mechanical treatments are possible under request, like notches and cut-outs.

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