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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass


VidurSolar photovoltaic glass modules are the technical and creative solution to the limits of photovoltaic power generation in the design of architectural projects.


Modern building envelope design is facing great challenges as heavy requirements are placed on them. Shorter assembly times, ease of maintenance of the envelope, physical values of thermal insulation and reduction of the thermal load of the building are just some of the priorities. With VidurSolar photovoltaic glass modules you can satisfy all these requirements. These modules are available as single laminated glass or double glazing units, that can be combined with most of the common façade construction systems on the market. This sets new milestones for Photovoltaics in Buildings.

Download the information sheet from the following link: PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATIONS 

Lucernario SindicGreuges

Glazed covers - Skylights

When used to cover buildings glass-glass PV modules permit extraordinary design possibilities both for the cover and for the interior space through selective light transmission.


Pergola Figueres

PV pergolas and parking sheds

As with closed covers, double-glass PV modules are also strongly indicated for building translucent pergolas. The same safety requirements must be applied if an area frequented by persons is to be covered. An effect that is particularly appreciated in this application is the anti-glare character of the PV modules which makes the space below the pergola a pleasant meeting place in summer.


Murocortina GuarderíaVic

Curtain walls

VidurSolar photovoltaic glass modules are perfectly suitable for fitting as curtain walls as they meet all the requirements for façades of this kind in conventional construction.


Doblepiel GuarderíaSantCeloni

Double skin curtain walls

The ventilated façade benefits from the same design possibilities of glass-glass PV modules as the curtain wall. In this case there is the option of a PV laminated for the external skin of the façade. As well as optimising the thermal behaviour of the building, this kind of façade, also slightly improves the electricity generation through the back ventilation of the PV modules increasing the efficiency of the cells.


Fachadaventilada Leitat

Rain screens – ventilated façades

Glass-glass PV modules are also used as façade cladding elements owing to their properties of robustness and appearance. For example, opaque modules can be used with a dark, white or coloured background combining it with different kinds of cell.


Lamasprotección solar

Brise-soleils and canopies

In many buildings with large glazed façades brise-soleils or canopies for solar protection made of metal or of treated glass are used. Glass-glass PV modules offer an interesting alternative for this kind of application as they convert these elements into energy generators while performing the solar protection function.



Photovoltaic shelters

VIDURGLASS takes actively part in photovoltaic technology integration initiatives related to photovoltaic shelters for bus and train stops.



Urban furniture

Future urban equipment and furniture will be designed in the conceptive framework of smart-cities, and will integrate concepts like energy autonomy, sustainability and communication services, always taking care of attractive, innovative and customized designs.


Barandillas HotelAguasdeIbiza

Other applications

Apart from structural integration PV glass modules can be used as a decorative element owing to its greater elegance and translucency compared to standard PV modules.

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