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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass

At the head of the glass industry

Coverage for all types of series

We serve with the same involvement and quality orders of any quantity, from 1 piece to long series.


The best manufacturing lead times.

With the best industry-standard lead times, we adapt to the deadlines required by our customers, even offering 30 hours service Exworks (in our factory).


The entire range of existing glass

We offer a complete range of glass, any color, thickness, mechanical, light, sound or heat properties. For example, low emissive glass (high range of compositions and technical characteristics), bioclean, extractaros, tempered safety glass "VIDUR" ®, armor, etc.


Excellence in manufacturing and technical capability

We achieve the more complex forms and manufacturing to suit the particular needs of each client, producing the pieces made to measure with the highest quality.


Custom Packaging and transport

We pack and deliver our products according to the production needs of our clients (by type of piece, by project, per vehicle, per special groupings, etc.) thereby reducing the costs of storage, picking, breaks and internal transport of our customers.


Lightweight glass

We temperate and manufacture under certified quality 3mm VIDUR ® glass reducing by more than 25% the weight of our products.



Vidurglass has the most demanding international certifications necessary for the compliance with all glass applicable standards.

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