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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass

Technical capability

Our highly qualified and innovative machinery, allow us to reach the most demanding finishes and the most complex manufacturing, always with the highest quality.


The most demanding manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing tempered glass "VIDUR" ®, incorporating drills, countersunk drills, complex nicks, rectangular or round notches, cylindrical curves, spherical uneven curves, round corners,etc. and any type of finish however complex in general.


Any type of edging

The edging can be of any type: arrissed edges, polished industrial edge, polished edge, blunt, and so on.


Offset between glasses for double glazing

We have the machinery necessary to assemble the double glazing glasses in any camera and profile thickness that may be required, even with different sized and glass forms so that there is an offset between the inner and the exterior glass.


Vidurglass has all the necessary machinery to stamp any type of screen:

Vidurglass has all the necessary machinery to stamp any type of screen:

  • Conductive screen printing for thermal gass.
  • Custom made circuits with highly conductive screen printing which distributes electrical current to the light sources (without cables).
  • Enamels "VIDURVITRI" ® (free of heavy metals) may do one or more passes of paint, thus varying degrees of opacity.
  • All RAL range, with the possibility of different number of layers required and matching different colors in one piece (even print of photographs or drawings directly on the glass).


High quality safety laminated

Thanks to the use of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a plastic material with excellent properties of elasticity and transparency, together with the heat seal and pressure sealing carried out in our own autoclaves, we get a security laminate of excellent quality, durability and resistance " VIDURLAMINADO "® or "DECORLAM "®.


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