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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass


Quality and certificates

All glasses manufactured and marketed by Vidurglass meet the highest requirements of European regulations applicable to each sector.


Our tempered glass VIDUR ® Automotive bound to offer the highest quality assurance required by the regulations not only domestic but also international ones, among which there is the R-43 Regulation of the Geneva agreement and ANSI / SAE Z26.1-1996.

Our tempered glass for building applications, comply with the Technical Building Code, which according to the European Directive on "Construction Products" 89/106/EC requires the marking and the declaration of the technical characteristics of construction products incorporated permanently to the works. The "mandatory CE marking" allows the manufacture and marketing of products in the European Union and requires a satisfactory evaluation of the products in accordance with the relevant harmonized applicable standards and certification systems.

The VIDURSOLAR ® photovoltaic glass for architectural integration, is conceived as a building element, ie, serving as building envelope or cover in terms of robustness, security, thermal behavior, etc ... but also generate electricity. Therefore, the photovoltaic glass VIDURSOLAR ® comply with both regulations: the regulations of the Technical Building Code, as construction products with CE marking under the term "security safety glass" tested according to EN 14449, EN 12150, EN12600, EN 12543 ,1-6 and IEC EN 61215 and 61730.

The photovoltaic glass VIDURSOLAR ® are the first in Spain to obtain a quality certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland, for a family of PV modules, in accordance with IEC EN 61215 and IEC EN 61730. With this certificate VIDURSOLAR ® photovoltaic glass achieve worldwide recognition for its high quality, clearly distinct from other photovoltaic glass.


Vidurglass has demonstrated its commitment to the quality of their products being one of the first glass manufacturing companies to obtain the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000. This certificate entails an external recognition to the total quality management and continuous improvement system of the organizational processes of our company.

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