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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass


Our strategy is based on 5 key-points:

  • Total flexibility for a creative design. Production completely customized.
  • BIPV construction elements that substitute directly conventional construction elements without the need of adaptations in the structural support system.
  • Maximum resistance against breakage and fall using high-tech PVB-foils as interlayers. So, our products are specially indicated for overhead glazing.
  • Compliance with the norms of the construction sector and the photovoltaic sector.
  • Technical assistance throughout the whole project cycle.


todo tipo de serie

All type of series

Thanks to our tight flow production we can offer competitive prices for all type of production series even for only one piece.


toda la gama

All the existing glass type range

Any colour, thickness and mechanical, light transmission, sound characteristics.



Mechanical processing and screen-printing

Thanks to our expertise and highly innovative production equipment we are able to offer excellent finishes and complex mechanical processing, based always on highest quality standards.


certificacions empressa

Certifications and warranties

VidurSolar photovoltaic glass modules comply with the most demanding quality standards in all the fields of application.


icono proyectos a mida

Customized projects

VidurSolar photovoltaic glass modules are produced on a custom-made basis offering an extraordinary design flexibility.


assesorament tecnic

Technical assistance

Vidurglass offers technical assistance for PV-glass design in order to meet the architectural specifications and energetic requirements of each individual project.



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