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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass


Vidurglass manufactures and produces VIDUR ® 3 mm glass with certified quality (R43) since 2007.

Since 2007, the production and glass manufacturing of VIDUR 3 mm is a standard reference within our products, so much so that it has obtained the official approval for automotive glass, etc.

The use of this glass today adds value for end users because the weight savings of the materials is a priority for our customers.

For glass applications in the transportation sector to reduce vehicle weight is critical to achieve fuel savings. Depending on the type of vehicle and glazing olutions (double glass, laminated glass, etc.) a reduction of between 70 and 100 kg can be achieved for each inch of thickness.

According to a consulting analysis done in 2011, the use of low thickness 3 mm VIDUR ® glass represents a reduction of the vehicle overall weight between 70 and 100 kg per millimeter reduced, which usually results in a total decrease of 140 and 200 kg per vehicle/car, achieving fuel savings of more than 5%.

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