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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass

Technology R & D


Vidurglass dedicates efforts and resources to investigate every day new products that meet current and future needs of its clients in all sectors.

Vidurglass innovation is not based solely on the products we have developed and which pioneered the market, but the organization itself of the production processes makes us a flexible and responsive company to the needs of the most demanding product requirements and make us capable to provide small series to series of large quantities. In this regard, thanks to this flexibility, Vidurglass can help contribute to optimize the projects needs, both aesthetic and functional as it is not surprising that Vidurglass already have what the customer is seeking, among a great variety of possibilities with glass and with the maximum quality that grant the brand Vidurglass.


Our company is prepared to meet any need that arises, ensuring a high quality product and of course, while adhering to international standards of quality and safety.

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