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Who we are


After five generations in the glass sector Vidurglass is the Spanish family business leader in tempered flat and curved glass manufacturing. Forefront of technology and the certified quality guarantee Vidurglass commitment to innovation: generate the best ideas and solutions for each client.

Having customers on the 5 continents and a leading domestic market share, the company stands at the forefront of industry with a very advantageous position over its competitors in terms of market size, coverage and technical capabilities:

  • 15,000 m2 of production facilities.
  • Tight flow production process upon orders.
  • Different tempering furnaces for finishing flat glass, cylindrical and spherical (more than one curvature) curved glass.
  • Own specific machinery for: screen printing, chamber sealed, autoclave lamination, numerical control, etc.
  • Safety laminated process with PVB.
  • International coverage in over 15 countries.

Our production system includes all processes that exist in the manufacture of glass: cutting, polishing, screen printing, flat tempering, curved tempering (cylindrical or spherical), tempered laminated, laminated and double glazing in all its compositions. Processes that meet the needs of key sectors where glass is vital.

Vidurglass works glass with quality, tailoring product specifications to customer needs by providing the features and properties that meet the highest demands.

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