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Flat double glazing

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A flat insulating unit with air chamber is a multiple glazing unit made of two or more flat glass panes, separated by chambers of dehydrated air or another gas, and it becomes an excellent thermal and sound insulator. It consists in a glazing that provides thermal comfort by avoiding the "cold wall" effect in the nearby areas and reduces the condensations on the inner glass.

The air space between the glasses is done by an aluminium spacer, which holds a desiccant product called molecular sieves. Water tightness is assured by a double perimetric organic sealing. In the first sealing, the separating spacer is covered with butyl before assembling the glasses. The second and definitive sealing is made with polysulphide once the glasses are already assembled on the spacer profile.

For automotive applications, thanks to the use of tempered glass VidurGlass of 3.15 mm thick, minimum weight is achieved in the glazing of the vehicle, thereby achieving a reduction in the consumption of the vehicle.

Vidurglass offers the possibility to produce flat insulating glass, TEMPERED or ANNEALED.


  • Mechanical properties: the mechanical behaviour of an insulating glass keeps the properties of mechanical resistance of the glass panes used for its construction.
  • Thermal transmission: insulating glasses do have a low coefficient of heat transfer, making it a good insulator, reducing heat loss when compared to single glass (monolithic glass). The inner surface of the glazing remains at a temperature close to the indoor environment, increasing the feeling of comfort nearby the window and reducing the risk of condensation in winter.

  • Mass tinted glass: during the manufacturing process of this glass, small quantities of metallic oxides are added to the mixing of float glass. These small added amounts give the glass a characteristic colour without affecting its basic properties except for some changes in the solar energy transmission. The colour is homogeneous in the whole thickness.
  • Edges: the finishes of the edges can be arrissed, industrial polished, bright polished, etc.
  • Holes and notches: VIDURGLASS tempered glass can have holes and complex notches to assemble it according to different requirements.
  • Silk-screen print: capability of printing the glass with different designs and colours using vitrifiable enamels that become part of the mass of the glass once tempered.
  • Acid etching: capability of applying an acid that partially dissolves the glass and creates a granulated surface, which diffuses the light and turns a clear glass into a translucent one that offers privacy.
  • Step between glass panes: possibility to assemble the glass panes with different sizes so there is an step between them.
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