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Custom glass

Vidrio Laminado con telas-VIDUR
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Vidurglass offers its customers the possibility to completely customize glass, by printing over the glass any drawing or photograph.

The biggest feature of this product is uniquely its aesthetic value, obtained by printing any drawing or photography on the glass, while it allows a higher impact resistance and greater durability of the product as it is a safety tempered glass.

  • Maintains the same features as tempered glass (see more on tempered glass)
  • If the glass is also laminated, the same qualities of tempered laminated glass remain (see more on laminated tempered glass)
  • The quality of the screen printing allows to never lose the intensity and therefore weather conditions do not affect pigmentation properties, even when subjected to strong sunlight, it will never lose its color brightness.

Vidurglass offers the possibility to the clients to make their own design (taking into account the technical limitations of the product). In this way the customer can customize the final product, adapting it to their needs.

There is also the possibility of using special thermal screen printing, in which case there is the possibility of doing the analysis, design and manufacture of glass with electric circuits screen printed on the glass surface.

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