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Cylindrical curved tempered glass

Vidrio curvado templado VIDUR
Vidrio templado curvado VIDUR
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Cylindrical curved tempered glass is a safety glass that is produced through a process of simultaneous glass bending and tempering process. The procedure used to obtain VidurGlass curved tempered glass consists of heating flat glass to the point of plasticity, giving the desired curvature in the quenching process of the glass by jets of cold air.

Cylindrical curved glass is one that has a constant radius and has the advantage that it is not necessary to use molds for this type of curvature. The minmum radius that can be achieved with this type of manufacture is R1000. For curves with a lesser radius needs to be manufactured with a special mold to the shape desired.

Just as flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass becomes more resistant to mechanical stress (bending, shock) and the thermal stresses (temperature differences), without altering the spectrophotometric properties of the base product.

  • Resistance to shock: VIDUR tempered glass has an impact resistance of a steel ball five times higher than non-tempered glass.
  • Flexural strength: VIDUR tempered glass provides a flexural strength two and half times higher than non-tempered glass.

  • Resistance to thermal stress: VIDUR glazing support a temperature difference that can reach 200 º C.

  • Fragmentation: When broken, tempered glass VIDUR fragments into small pieces, thus minimizing the risks of deep wounds. This feature makes the VIDUR glass a safety glass, specifically indicated for those applications requiring protection against the risk of injury in case of shock or hitting.

  • Mass colored Glass: during its manufacturing process small amounts of metal oxides have been added to the mixture of float glass. This provides a distinctive color to the glass without affecting the basic properties of glass, with the exception of some changes in the transmission of solar energy. The color is uniform throughout the thickness.
  • Edges: edges can be arrissed, polished edge industrial, bright polished edge, etc.

  • Drilling and notching: Vidurglass tempered glass supports the incorporation of complex holes and grooves for mounting the glass according to each need.

  • Screen printing: ability to print on the glass the most varied designs and colors by silk screen process with enamel glazes, which become part of the glass mass, once hardened.

  • Special Thermal Silkscreen: analysis, design and manufacture of heated glass which contains electrical circuits that have been silkscreened on the glass surface.

  • Matt acid: possibility to apply an acid that dissolves part of the glass, creating a grainy surface that scatters the light and transforms the transparent glass into a translucent one that provides more privacy. Also available in faux acid.

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