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The sad frosted glass

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The sand frosted glass is a decorative glass used to obtain a faded or blurred vision trough it. This matting is a treatment that is given to the glass by means of sand blasting. It can be performed to any type of glass on single / monolithic, laminated or double glazing.

  • Maintains the same features as tempered glass (see more on tempered glass)
  • If the glass is also laminated, remain the same qualities tempered laminated glass (see laminated tempered glass on
  • For its part, the properties of sand frosted glass has obvious advantages over other type of matting (such as vinyl, etc..) Since you get a perfect and uniform surface. It is possible to implement any design, pattern, logo, etc., even shades, perspectives and 3D effects, while of course maintaining the perpetuity of the glass matting. This product allows better maintenance and easy to clean using only soap and water.

Vidurglass offers the possibility to the clients to make their own design (taking into account the technical limitations of the product). In this way the customer can customize the final product, adapting it to their needs.

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