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Soluciones integrales en acristalamiento - Vidurglass

Double glazing flat glass

termico VIDUR
Vidrio plano con camara VIDUR
termico VIDUR
Vidrio plano con camara VIDUR
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This double glazing flat glass comprises two or more flat glass separated by dehydrated air chambers or other gas, and is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This is a glazing that provides thermal comfort by eliminating the effect of "cold wall" in the vicinity of the glazing and provides a reduction of condensation on the glass inside.

The separation between panes is defined by a separate profile inside which houses a molecular sieve desiccant. The sealing is ensured by a double barrier base perimeter organic sealants. The first is made with butyl sealing the aluminum profile before installing the glass. The second and final takes place with polysulfide, once assembled the glass on the profile tab.

Vidurglass offers the ability to make flat glass with air chamber, tempered or non tempered.

  • Mechanical characteristics: the mechanical behavior of a glass chamber retains the mechanical strength properties of the glass used in its composition.
  • Thermal transmittance: camera glasses have a low coefficient of heat transfer, making it a good thermal insulator, reducing heat loss compared to a simple glass (monolithic). The inner surface of the glass remains at a temperature close to the indoor environment, increasing the feeling of comfort even next to the window and reducing the risk of condensation in winter.

  • Mass colored Glass: during its manufacturing process small amounts of metal oxides have been added to the mixture of float glass. This provides a distinctive color to the glass without affecting the basic properties of glass, with the exception of some changes in the transmission of solar energy. The color is uniform throughout the thickness.
  • Edges: edges can be arrissed, polished edge industrial, bright polished edge, etc.

  • Drilling and notching: Vidurglass tempered glass supports the incorporation of complex holes and grooves for mounting the glass according to each need.

  • Screen printing: ability to print on the glass the most varied designs and colors by silk screen process with enamel glazes, which become part of the glass mass, once hardened.

  • Special Thermal Silkscreen: analysis, design and manufacture of heated glass which contains electrical circuits that have been silkscreened on the glass surface.
  • Matt acid: possibility to apply an acid that dissolves part of the glass, creating a grainy surface that scatters the light and transforms the transparent glass into a translucent one that provides more privacy. Also available in faux acid.

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